Reading Group – Octavia E. Butler’s Science Fiction

Sheffield Gothic Reading Group presents….

Octavia E. Butler’s Science Fiction

If speculative fiction, sci-fi, the uncanny and the dystopian appeal, then join us in a virtual reading group to discuss Octavia E. Butler’s weird worlds on Wednesday 28th April, 3:30 – 5:00pm.

As a black woman writing science-fiction, Butler challenged assumptions about the genre’s writers, readers and characters. She broke new ground with her prescient stories about alternate futures and in 1995, she became the first science-fiction writer to receive a MacArthur fellowship.

Butler’s stories deal with weird worlds, marginalised characters, and visions of the future that are both dystopian and hopeful.

If sci-fi stories with a Gothic edge appeal, then please feel free to join us!

We will be focusing on two of her short stories, ‘Bloodchild’ (1995) available to read online here and ‘Speech Sounds’ (1983) available to read online here. We also welcome discussion of other texts too!

If you are interested in attending, just get in touch via, or tweet @SheffieldGothic and we will send you a link to our virtual session on Zoom.

As always, everyone is welcome!