Reading Group: Vampire Boyfriends

Sheffield Gothic is very excited to welcome you to our next reading group on vampire boyfriends and the Gothic imaginary. This reading group follows on from Sophie Haywood’s Valentine’s Day blog, which looked at the rise of vampires as romantic heroes in the modern day. We’ll be meeting online at 3ā€“4.30pm on Wednesday 20th April and discussing extracts from the first book and film of the Twilight saga, as well as Stephenie Meyer’s most recent publication Midnight Sun, which retells the story from Edward’s perspective.

As always, everyone is welcome to our reading group, so come along if you’re interested in vampires, YA paranormal romance, contemporary Gothic, or if you just have very strong opinions about the Twilight series! Email us at or message us on Twitter @SheffieldGothic for the readings and link to the session. It’s sure to be a fascinating discussion, and we can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say ā€“ including, of course, whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob!