Unveiling the Biblical Buffy Grimoire

To celebrate the one year anniversary of “Buffy and the Bible” – a conference organised as part of the interdisciplinary Gothic Bible Project at the University of Sheffield on 4-5 July 2019 – conference organisers Emma Nagouse and Mary Going have reunited with conference artist Lily Daniels to delve into the volumey text of the Biblical Buffy Grimoire: an artistic codex of conference art and creative responses to the talks at the conference. You can find the original schedule here, and a list of timestamps for the conversation below the video on this page.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the Grimoire and Lily’s fabulous creative pieces! So if you have any favs, or want to share a comment (positive only please!) then tweet us at @GothicBible using the hashtag #BiblicalBuffy. And if, once you’ve watched our conversation video you still need a Buffy fix, don’t forget to check out our Buffy Blog Series.

As always, many thanks to all of the 2019 conference organisers – Dr Naomi Hetherington, Emma Nagouse, Holly Dann, Mary Going, Dana Alex, Kell Richards, and Ash Darrow – and our fabulous conference artist Lily Daniels, as well as all of the speakers, presenters, poster contributors, and attendees. Special shout out as well to our conference keynote, Professor Matthew Pateman (Edge Hill University) and Rabbi Leah Jordan for her wonderful workshop. And, with no more ado, let’s get biblical!

Biblical Buffy: Unveiling the Grimoire

Video Timestamps:

00:00 – Welcome!

14:00 – An introduction to the Grimoire – a portfolio of creative responses by Lily Daniels to talks from the 2019 Buffy and the Bible Conference, University of Sheffield 

14:03 – Contents page

14:38 – Panel 1 “Doppelgangland”: Intertextual Doubles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

14:38 – Dr Sarah Nicholson, University of Glasgow:  

Buffy The Philistine Slayer: Echoes of Samson in the Buffyverse

Materials: Pen and ink

17:10 – Genna Gardini, Queen Mary University of London:

The Gift: St Lidwina and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Materials: Pen and ink, watercolour on tracing paper

20:08 – Kate Harvey, University of Stirling: 

Bad Girls: Drusilla, Faith and the Monstrous Feminine

Materials: Pen and ink

23:21 – Panel 2 “The Killer in Me”: Vampires, Slayers and Witches

23:21 – Francesco Bacci, Freie University of Berlin:

Buffy: A Journey of Identity Formation and Symbolism

Materials: Cyanotype, white ink, mixed media

26:37 – Mary Going, University of Sheffield: 

It Could Be Witches!

Materials: Pen and ink

33:53 – Prof J. Gordon Melton, Baylor University (Texas):

Secularizing Vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Materials: Watercolour, pen and ink on tracing paper

36:09 – Keynote Address from Prof Matthew Pateman, 

Edge Hill University:

“Contrary to popular mythology”: Atheism, humanism and the fiction of religion in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Materials: Pen and ink

39:22 – Panel 3 “Hey, I’ve Died Twice”: Messiahship and Christ-figures

39:22 – Emily R Marlow, University of Sheffield:

Buffy and the Bible? Finding Jesus in Everything

Materials: Ink wash and pen on tracing paper 

40:47 – Dr Naomi Hetherington, University of Sheffield:

‘This is the work that I have to do’: Love, Labour and Messiahship in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Materials: Collage, mixed media, pen and ink on tracing paper

43:08 – Eve Hooper, Penguin Random House/Independent Scholar:

Buffy, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Materials: Pen and ink on tracing paper

44:15 – Workshop led by Rabbi Leah Jordan, European Fellow Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies:

Fighting (Our) Demons: Toward a Theology of Evil in Torah & Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Materials: Cut paper, tracing paper, pen and ink, watercolour

48:00 – Panel 4 “Conversations with Dead People”: The Language of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

48:00 –  Prof Jane Hodson, University of Sheffield:

“I will that this Q-tip gets unbendy”: The dangerous power of speech acts in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Materials: Acrylic paint 

50:06 – Dr Malgorzata Drewniok, University of Lincoln:

“While you come and go, I am stuck here, in this house of … worship!”: Linguistic analysis of an ancient vampire as a biblical preacher.

Materials: Pen and ink

52:33 – Dr Susan Reichelt, Universität Greifswald:

“They’re just sinners, you are sin” – contrasting the language of good and evil in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s final season

Materials: Pen and ink, acrylic paint

54:27 – Panel 5 “The Hardest Thing in this World… is to Live in it”:  Dysfunction and Doom”

54:27 – Dr Steve (Janet K.) Halfyard, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (Birmingham City University):

“Because it’s wrong!” The diabolus in musica and (un)ethical behaviour in seasons 5 and 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Materials: Pen and ink, ink wash, watercolour

58:36 – Dr Simon Marsden, University of Liverpool: 

“I wanna see how it ends”: Buffy and the Contemporary Gothic Apocalypse

Materials: Pen and ink

1:01:56 – Closing thoughts

1:08:36 – Hire Lily!