Reimagining Whitby: Following the Footsteps of Dracula (Part 2)

This project examines the Gothic and literary identity of the town of Whitby. Results are presented as booklets, available here in PDF format (accessible through the link at the bottom of each picture).

Collaborators (MA students and PhD candidates at the University of Sheffield):

Ellie Waters

Tamsin Crowther

Mary Going

Val Derbyshire

This project was funded by the Petrie Watson Exhibition Fund at the University of Sheffield, without whom the project would not have been possible. We thank them for their support.

Dracula – The Birth of a Legend: The Folkloric Inspiration Behind the Famous Book


The Dracula Myth

How Whitby’s Maritime History Informed Dracula


The Shipping News

“Dracula is a Yorkshireman and always will be”


Dracula is a Yorkshireman and always will be

Whitby’s Literary Scene

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Whitby’s Lit Scene (1)