Reimagining the Gothic 2019: Creative Competition

Sheffield Gothic is delighted to announce our 2019 Reimagining the Gothic creative competition! Each year as part of Reimagining the Gothic we hold a creative showcase: an opportunity to explore the theme through various creative methods. This year, that theme is ‘Returns, Revenge, Reckonings’ – think everything from Senecan tragedies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from noble avengers to usurping Counts, from vengeful lovers to prophetic witches.

The aim of the creative showcase is to offer alternative insights and rethink Gothic conventions through a variety of creative mediums. In the past we’ve had photography series, music videos, dramatic pieces, and short films. Want to get involved? This year’s competition is now open!

Deadline for submissions is 11 March 2019.

***Extended Deadline: 25 March 2019***

Any and all are welcome to submit creative pieces in all shapes and forms that explore, imagine and challenge the theme in anyway. Want to design the costumes for a potential adaptation of your favourite Gothic work? Or adapt it for a Graphic Novel? Great! Want to rewrite a classic Gothic trope from a new angle? Wonderful! Feel like taking atmospheric photos of a haunted ruin at night? I mean, be careful, but sure! Got an idea but not the creative skills to realise it? Group projects are also welcome!

The competition is for submissions of all kinds, and the winning entry will receive a £75.00 Amazon gift card.

Creative Competition 2019 T&Cs

  1. There is no payment or fee to take part: all you need to do is email Sheffield Gothic your entry along with a short bio to by the deadline (11 March 2019). Please include ‘Reimagining the Gothic Creative Entry 2019’ in the subject line of your email.
  2. Submissions must be original. You’re welcome to riff off, be inspired by and reinterpret any existing works (copyright allowing) but all entries must be original pieces.
  3. Submissions must abide to the Sheffield Gothic code of conduct. The Gothic is a language of anxiety, taboo and the other and we encourage submissions to fully interrogate and explore those themes. However, we reserve the right to refuse any submissions that are intentionally offensive, contain hate speech or are unnecessarily aggressive.
  4. Entrants will be limited to one submission per person/group. Photo series or poetry collections will be accepted as one submissions. Accepted submissions can include, but are not limited to, the following: comic strips; costuming and/ or cosplay; photography and/ or short films; music videos and/ or performances; short fiction including prose, poetry, drama, and experimental fiction; traditional art; digital art. Written pieces will be considered up to 1000 words.
  5. Entrants must have permission to have their pieces displayed. All submissions will be displayed at our Creative Showcase (which will take place on the evening of Saturday 11th May 2019) so do bear this in mind when you submit and whether it will be possible to display your work – Sheffield Gothic may be able to help with printing. If your work has been previously shown elsewhere or commissioned as part of another project, or you are submitting on behalf of a group or another individual you must have permission to do so Entrants retain the right not to have their work displayed, and can email us at any point to let us know if they no longer wish to have their work displayed (however this will then also mean that your submission will not be considered in the competition).
  6. Submissions will have the opportunity to have their work hosted on Sheffield Gothic’s website. This is not a requirement for the competition, and any entrants that do wish to have their work hosted on our website will retain the full rights to their work, as well as the right to withdraw their work from our website at any point.
  7. The winners will be announced at the Creative Showcase (Saturday 11th May 2019): it is not required that you are present at the Creative Showcase but the organisers would strongly encourage entrants to attend.
  8. The competition will be judged anonymously by a panel of Gothicists not part of Sheffield Gothic. As such, please ensure that the document or file that contains your entry only has the title of the piece, and does not contain your name or any identifiable information in the title or the piece itself.
  9. The 1st prize will be a £75.00 Amazon gift card: this cannot be exchanged for cash. There will also be a runner up prize which will be announced in due course, but this will not be a monetary prize.
  10. Submissions are not limited to the UK: we welcome submissions from around the globe, as long as we are able to display the submission in some form and advise that if you are submitting from abroad that you check your region or country’s guidelines or customs laws as we will only be able to post prizes at standard rates.

To stay up to date with this year’s Reimagining the Gothic, follow us online:


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