An Irish Tradition

Our Holiday Gothic series takes a look at the darker sides of celebrations throughout the year. In this post, Megan Stephens explores the influence of Irish authors on the Gothic for St Patrick's Day. Happy St Patrick’s Day! Today, as drinks run freely and rivers run green, here at Sheffield Gothic we’re celebrating by having … Continue reading An Irish Tradition

The Dead Days: Epilogue

Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you for joining us once again, at the end of the Dead Days, the end of the year. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts this week, and that your own Dead Days have been pleasant (if a little uncanny). Whatever your plans for tonight, whether you stay up to … Continue reading The Dead Days: Epilogue

The Dead Days: Stories Within Stories

Welcome back to our Dead Days series, where we are revelling in the eerie in-between nature of the year’s end by thinking about ideas of liminality and thresholds in the Gothic. For today’s post, we’re looking at the boundaries which exist within texts: those between narratives, which readers cross over alongside characters. Opening Up The … Continue reading The Dead Days: Stories Within Stories