Blog Series

Current Blog Series:

‘Gothic Bible’

The ‘Gothic Bible Blog Series’ is part of the Gothic Bible project, a collaborative project run by Sheffield Gothic and SIIBS at the University of Sheffield, and also the University of Auckland (you can find out more about the project here). The blog series is ongoing, so if you would like to contribute a post you can email us at with the subject ‘Gothic Bible Blog Submission’ or tweet us at @GothicBible. 

‘Buffy the Vampire the Vampire Slayer’ (2017)

Throughout the summer of 2017, and in honour of the twentieth anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), Sheffield Gothic explored each of the show’s seven seasons in a special blog series dedicated to Buffy. Each week the series focused on a different season, publishing a diverse range of posts exploring Xander, Giles, Faith, heroinism and victimhood, vampire boyfriends, werewolves and so much more. 

‘Sheffield Gothic’s Profile Blog Series’ (2018)

Want to know more about the Sheffield Goths? Well, here they are – our much acclaimed profile blogs! Find out not only what got our co-organisers (Lauren Nixon and Mary Going) into the Gothic, what heads of the Centre for the History of the Gothic (Professors Andrew Smith and Angela Wright) have on their recommendation list, and who our members (and honorary members) would invite to dinner! 

‘Halloween Spooky Picks’ (2019)

Halloween is a Gothicists favourite time of the year, so what better time than Halloween to share some of our favourite spooky recommendations! Whether you prefer Terror Gothic or Horror Gothic, if you like your frights to be strictly PG, or if you just need a break from slaying all that evil – settle in with Sheffield Gothic’s spooky picks from our 2019 series. We have Gothic picks from art to spooky places to visit, our favourite Gothic film and TV series, and also some spooky music video recommendations. And if you like any of our picks, or want to share some of your own, don’t forget to tweet us at @SheffieldGothic!

Got an idea for a blog series?

Sheffield Gothic welcomes pitches for blog series of a minimum of three posts. Blog series can be single authored, or feature multiple contributors. Each post should follow our blog guidelines (which you can find here). Please email your enquiries to sheffieldgothic@gmail with the subject line ‘Blog Series Enquiry’.